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Friday, June 02, 2006


Upon prodding, I've started this blog to chronicle my experiences in/with D'ni. It's interesting how simple it is for some people to wrap their brains around the idea of a thousand year old civilisation underneath New Mexico, and others can't grasp it at all. The concept of a 'calling' fits well here. There truly is something that tugs at the heartstrings, and drawn you to the desert.

Not that I ever really left. I was one of the crowd who kept coming to D'ni, even after the DRC abandoned their efforts. How could I leave? In some ways, underground feels more homey to me than the surface does. My Relto book has been a lifesaver, and not just from my craptacular jumping skils, hah!

Being nominated/elected to be a DRC Liaison was unexpected. I didn't have any contact with them at all diring the first restoration, as I oly found D'ni just before they left. Of course, some people took to my name being in the 'spotlight' like a cat takes to water, but such is the nature of dynamics.

Not that being a Liaison has upped my contact level with the DRC much! At the most it means my emails don't get lost.

I am all a-quivver about the new restoration efforts. I've even talked with a couple of people about looking for Gemedet. D'ni shouldn't be left unexplored. Too much to wonder at, to be in awe of. Sometimes, I think people have lost their sense of wonder, their ability to have their socks knocked off by a view, or my making something work. D'ni feeds that fire.


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