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Monday, January 01, 2007

oh good greif.

Why is it that people assume the DRC must be hiding something about everything? This time it's the whereabouts of Dr. Watson, and there's a 'nag the Liaisons' campaign going. As if pestering the hell out of us is going to convince us to poke at the DRC any more than we already have.

Our first term, *every single time* we met up with the DRC, one of us asked if there'd been any word from Dr. Watson, or Sharper. The answer was always no, and they clearly really wanted to know where Watson was, themselves. So we stopped nagging. There we more pressing things that needed asked, that we could actually get answers for.

Yes, the fate of Dr. Watson is damn important to know about. I'd really like to know what happened to him, and I have my own theories, that maybe he was a little more mentally stable than Phil, and could handle the strain of Yeesha's Burden more... But am I going around insisting that They Must Be Hiding Something? Sometimes, a dunno really means they dunno.

Someone's been watching too many old XFiles episodes. Or are getting bored waiting for LOST to come back.


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Blogger John Lynch said...

As I said on the website there is a clear indication that the DRC knows something as shown when Victor Laxman said when asked about it "no comments on Dr. Watson - there are things that are best left unanswered at the moment... issues that are better addressed at a later time...when the explorers are less fragmented"

If that isn't indicative that the DRC know something then I don't know what is. But even assuming that I'm massively misinterpreting that statement, clearing it up certainly couldn't hurt.

If the liaisons would rather I don't get people to make their feelings known to them then I'll be willing to remove that part from the site. But I was under the impression that letting the liaisons know how you feel about the restoration and the DRC was part of their job. So they could then forward it to the DRC.

Everything I've seen seems to ignore that comment on the 15th of April, so at the very least I'll achieve getting the comment clarified.

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