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Friday, January 05, 2007

I am a Liaison, not a mouthpeice, not a representative, not a banner waver for any group or person. I hear both sides, and I make my input to the other Liaisons based on what I feel works for EVERYONE.


Blogger Zardoz said...

My frustration, Eleri, is that three liaisons had the opportunity to respond to either or both of two comments: My proposal, which responded directly to your request for suggestions, and Nissa's asinine commentary. All three chose the nuclear option and blasted Nissa; I'm still waiting for any reaction whatsoever to my proposal. Now, I'm not really waiting, as you're all free to ignore it, of course. But the juxtaposition of those two comments, and the liaisons' uniform reaction to one that you all three could have simply ignored, makes me question the future of this position. Clearly, all the liaisons seem frustrated with the continued lack of definition and support from the DRC. Having known most of the DRC members for many years, I have far less confidence than many in their goodwill towards explorers such as yourselves. It often seems that the DRC behaves in ways that further their own amusement and entertainment, at the expense of explorers. Just one person's opinion, but if I were you, I'd tell the DRC to jam it.

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