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Friday, January 05, 2007

Full Disclosure?

One thing that facinates me about the whole DRC thing, is the insistance, the absolute belief, in some quarters, that the Explorers are entitled to, and have the right to demand, full disclosure from the DRC on all of their activities. That, somehow, if the DRC isn't telling the Explorers everything, they're being manipulative and secretive.

I cannot quite figure out how this mindset came about. There's no contract between Explorers and the DRC, except, perhaps with the Explorers initially let in by the DRC in the first restoration. The Explorers, really, have no right to anything the DRC is doing.

Is it courteous for the DRC to keep Explorers informed? Is it the right thing to do? Yes, in most cases. Are they obligated to? No, not at all. And until a good chunk of Explorers quit making demands, as if they somehow have the Maker-given right to do so 'cause they've got a Relto book, I'm betting the DRC isn't going to open up. I'm DAMN sure that entitlement attitude isn't going to fly with Ms. Alexander.


Blogger John Lynch said...

Darn right Eleri. Its easy for explorers to lose perspective, however we can't make the DRC tell us anything, nor should we try. The best we can do is ask and try to persuade (although we should be very careful in how we persuade).

In the very recent past (i.e. a week or two ago) I had started becoming more and more strident. Sometimes because I was partly venting my frustration. Other times because I'd lost perspective.

It was a very similar message to this that made me realize, yeah, I'd lost my way slightly :) So hopefully some more explorers will see this and take it to heart.

10:56 PM  
Blogger TheGreenKnight said...

I too am perplexed by this (very prevalent) attitude present amongst the Explorers.

As I see it, the working relationships that have been established between the DRC and the Explorers are roughly thus:

The DRC is in the Cavern to restore it (and its auxiliary Ages) to a safely functioning semblance of order; acquire, catalogue and research historical artifacts and documents of note; and to facilitate the presence of the Explorers.

The Explorers are in the Cavern to assist the DRC in the restoration effort.

-Note that I did specify that this is the nature of the working relationships, as I see them between the two groups.

In addition to this "professional" capacity, I think it's safe to say that everyone spending time here in the Cavern has deeply personal motivations for doing so, above and beyond and professional, monetary or even academic concerns.

That said, it is really the working relationships described above which are most worthy of consideration when discussing the professional practices of the DRC as they relate to the Explorer community.

What say you?


11:20 PM  

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