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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


busybusybusy. Trying to keep the D'net flowing. Much like spice, it's highly needed, and damn hard to get. The DRC is worse than herding cats. And if it's not DRC, no one seems to care. Town halls with anyone but the DRC? Unattended. Interviews? Eh. Round table discussions? People have lots of ideas, no one is coming to us.

I am not letting this torch go out though.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I just want to reiterate to everyone that this is an IC blog. My OOC feelings about Uru events won't be aired here.

There is existing, and can easily be more, places for Explorers to discuss the restoration. The Great Tree, D'ni Explorers Guild, to name a couple. The loss of a DRC hosted site to congregate is not a blow to the community of epic proportions.

The DRC, Cate or whoever else, has not said, at any point, that the lack of a public forum means the DRC is going to cease giving the explorer community any information.

I think people are just antsy to pick a fight.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


[quote](02/05 20:07:57) Cate Alexander: I've heard some complaints about the lack of forums on the new site? Does anyone here care?[/quote]

You know, I read that entirely differently than most. I saw it as her asking "Does anyone HERE care?", meaning if [i]anyone present at that moment[/i] cared. As in, if people had said "Nope, don't care, what forum?" She would have moved on.
Not "Does ANYONE here CARE?", meaning does anyone give a flying bahro about the forums. That word 'here' make a powerful difference in the meaning of that sentance.

I dunno, maybe I'm just not as quick as the rest of the explorers to find a new adversary to fight against. Everyone's all gung ho to make demands and force action, ready to paint the DRC with the same brushes as before.

The site was up for less than a few hours when the firestorm started. Did anyone bother to ask Cate, politely, if there were plans for anything like a forum in the future? If more content was going to be added to the site? If the DRC had any plans to keep explorers updated besides a forum?

Noooo. The one conversation I saw was a whole group of people Cate-basing as hard as they could. Accusatory, confrontational, rude. The forums are full of people throwing hissy fits right and left.

I, for one, think it was the right thing for the DRC to do, removing the public forum.

One, I'd rather they focus their energy on D'ni, not on moderating and maintaining a forum that has a track record for being a spam-filled flamefest.

Two, people came to expect the luxury of being able to peek in on the DRC's 'private' conversations. Given the inherant hostility some people have towards the DRC, and the propensity for over analizing everything, I think they have the right to expect privacy in their ongoing operations. Regular updates and information is one thing, being privvy to the company details is, frankly, outrageous to expect.

Three, and most important...people are being too damn rude. Someone from the DRC shows up in the cavern, and gets bombarded. People make demands, scold, act like they have a right to things, just because they are there. No wonder the DRC wants to clam up.

Cate may rub everyone the wrong way, but I think she may be exactly what the restoration needed. Someone who'll take no BS off of anyone, someone who knows how to make things happen, and has the motivation to do so.