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Friday, May 25, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blessed gods above...

A Bahro civil war...

Did Yeesha see this coming? That without leadership, the bahro culture would fall apart? Thousands of years of having one purpose, taken away in moments, no wonder they are a wreck. It's Tehranee all over again. She SHOULD have known.

Or...horrid thought...if Myst 5 is in any way true...who holds the Tablet. The survivor on Noloben? So many questions I want to ask Michael.

The Bahro in with Wheely one of the human friendly ones, we can see that now. Was it's agitation because the other side was coming, and it was trying to warn? Why did it start getting freaked out?

Was Wheely a victim of friendly fire?

no answers...

I realize that I'm responding how I always do in a major crisis... by going clinical and focused.

And that focus is making me see some very disturbing things.

Michael knew the symbol for rain/water...and seems to have taught it to Wheely at some point...but she didn't know what Noloben was.

The (assumed Bahro) in with Wheely sat silently with her, passive and observant for the majority of the rescue. Wheely didn't report a change of behavior and increasing agitation until, it seems, Michael was able to make verbal & visual contact with her.

Once she understood that it was saying "Noloben", Wheely seemed more curious than scared, wanting to know why. Michael did not seem...supprised... when the (Bahro) said Noloben. If anything he brushed it off.

Why did the (Bahro) seem to panic at the end? What triggered that response?

The more I look at it, the more I see ties between Michael's arrival, and the increased agitation. Why? Has Michael been learning things from the survivor on Noloben? Does Noloben leave a mark on people, somehow, that the Bahro can sense?

The answers are on Noloben. We need that book.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who do we trust now? Who do we put our faith in now? If the Bahro can't save her...

It could have been any of us. How many explorers were ready to go explore the pub, even after the DRC cleared it out. What would be the outcry if it was an explorer trapped under there. Would people blame the DRC for being careless?

Yahvo...if you are still in this place. Keep Wheely safe. Let Rose death not be in vain.