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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things proceed apace, with the usual burbles of activity, occasional rumbles of disquiet from the dissafected, and steadily growing anticipation about the impending return to the cavern.

I really should head to the surface, soon and see what I can do there to open the way for people, but the weather reports put it in the 90s at home, and it's nice and cool in D'ni and in my Relto. I am disinclined to head for the heat.

Monday, June 12, 2006

All Quiet on the Western Front

The Cavern has been relatively quiet, pockets of explorers here and there. I miss some of the crew that I used to run with. The cavern seems dimmer somehow for not having them around. Ah well, there will be new friends, new connections to be made, new noses to tweek, but not Tweek.

There's a sense of breathless anticipation though, knowing the DRC is going to return. Sadly, being a Liaison to the DRC hasn't opened the doors of knowledge to their plans. Hopefully we'll dig up some new news soon.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eleri's Rock

Spent some time in the City last night, just sitting on my rock. My rock being the second rock from the left, if you're facing the tent in Tokotah. From this rock I can watch people scampering about for markers, or dashing down the stairs to the ferry. It's a comforting sort of rock.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Upon prodding, I've started this blog to chronicle my experiences in/with D'ni. It's interesting how simple it is for some people to wrap their brains around the idea of a thousand year old civilisation underneath New Mexico, and others can't grasp it at all. The concept of a 'calling' fits well here. There truly is something that tugs at the heartstrings, and drawn you to the desert.

Not that I ever really left. I was one of the crowd who kept coming to D'ni, even after the DRC abandoned their efforts. How could I leave? In some ways, underground feels more homey to me than the surface does. My Relto book has been a lifesaver, and not just from my craptacular jumping skils, hah!

Being nominated/elected to be a DRC Liaison was unexpected. I didn't have any contact with them at all diring the first restoration, as I oly found D'ni just before they left. Of course, some people took to my name being in the 'spotlight' like a cat takes to water, but such is the nature of dynamics.

Not that being a Liaison has upped my contact level with the DRC much! At the most it means my emails don't get lost.

I am all a-quivver about the new restoration efforts. I've even talked with a couple of people about looking for Gemedet. D'ni shouldn't be left unexplored. Too much to wonder at, to be in awe of. Sometimes, I think people have lost their sense of wonder, their ability to have their socks knocked off by a view, or my making something work. D'ni feeds that fire.