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Monday, January 08, 2007

The problem is not here

Some people are using the recent Liaisons issues as proof that the Liaison concept sucks, and should be ditched.

I disagree. The concept is a damn good one. The management of that concept has been pitiful. There are things we could be doing with and for the DRC, but that requires the DRC to give a litle on their end.

Sure, there's the usual suspects, doing much wailing and gnashing of teeth about Liaisons "establish(ing) themselves as some sort of lord and master(s)". It's always the same people, 'bout half a dozen of them, who only seem to come out to play when there looks like there might be a crack in the Liaison's armour.

Fortunately, everyone, even the people who might disagree with Liaison activity constructively, can recognize them for what they are, and mostly ignore them.


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